Monday, January 7, 2013

Running History

I've never been much of a runner.    In college I would run from one side of campus to my boyfriend's (now husband's) dorm.  I would go to Stone Mountain and run up and down the mountain as much as I could.  I've always worked out but never actually ran consistently.   I had to take a Personal Fitness class and you could choose running or swimming and I chose swimming.   Aerobics was my workout of choice.

When I got married, our apartments had a small gym where I would use the treadmill but most of my working out was either tennis or playing flag football.  After getting pregnant with my first daughter in 2002, I had to cut out a lot of exercise.  From that point on until 2006 (I had my second daughter in 2005), I didn't even work out. 

By 2006 I wanted to lose weight so I joined the gym and started doing aerobics classes and some of the machines like the bike and elliptical.  In 2007, I started to incorporate spinning classes into my workouts.  I also started running a little bit after doing the elliptical - it began as just trying to run continuously for at least 3 songs.  The time increased and soon I only ran before spin classes.

Fall of 2007, a friend at work convinced me to sign up for a 5k that our work routinely participates in.  By then I was able to run for a decent period of time.  My first 5k, I finished in ~32:30.  

Spring of 2008, I thought about signing up for the Peachtree Road Race 10k.  Back in 2008, you still had to go get the paper on Sunday and fill out everything and send it in and then hope you got into the race.  I was a lucky one and got in.  I started training for it to make sure I could run 6 miles.  I ended up finishing ~1:05 and after that I really wanted to run more to get faster.    

I've been lucky enough to make it into Peachtree every year since then and have continued to run Kaiser - always trying to beat my friend at it.  I had been talking to another running buddy at work in 2009 and he told me I should trying running a half.  I debated this over and over and finally just signed up - once signing up I couldn't back out.  

More coming...

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