Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last thoughts..

Goofy is less than 2 days away!  Waiver is printed out and ready to go.  In exactly two days from now, I will hopefully already be finished with the first part (the half-marathon) and on my way back to the hotel.  

My goal is around 2:30 for the half.  This is a good 20 minutes slower than my PR but I don't want to overdo it and not have anything left for Sunday.  

When I ran my first marathon, I was very worried about not finishing in the time limit.  I have this fear that I'll have to walk and then just get way below the 16min/mile pace requirement.  I didn't have any issues with that last year but it's always in the back of my mind.

Same thing for this year.  I finished my 22 miler in about 4:20 and this included a LOT of walking.  My 22 miler was kind of a miserable run for me as it was the coldest I had run in all year.  I had so many thoughts of not finishing it and because it was so cold too, it made me walk more.  Cold weather won't be a problem this time as it may just be too hot.  So my goal for the marathon is to at least run 1/2 of it completely.  I was able to do that last time - I didn't even really slow down until mile 12 to take a bathroom break.  And it wasn't until maybe mile 18 that I started doing run/walk combos.  

Two issues I'm struggling with right now however:
My left foot is very sore - it hasn't really affected my running but it's just lingering and annoying.
There has been sickness going around and either I'm super tired or I'm coming down with something.  It also just could be nerves - I'm hoping it will disappear come Saturday morning - and race jitters will take over.  I haven't been getting a lot of sleep this week but I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow (until ~6:30am..whoo) so that might help.   My goal is to be in bed by 8ish and hope to be asleep by 9 on Friday.  

Wow - I really do ramble.  This will probably be my last post until at least Sunday or Monday - hopefully I'll be back with a full race recap and pictures.

Work is going to be slow today...

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