Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mommy of a 10 year old...

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 10th birthday.   It has made me think about how old I've been feeling lately.  I know there are others out there who are twice my age still running races but I don't know if I'd be able to keep it up.

Since Goofy - I really have struggled to keep my mileage up.  I had contemplated running Publix again this year but due to schedule conflicts was unable to fit it in.  Also wanted to run Pi Mile again and try a Tough Mudder - but just wasn't able to work it out.  Though after hearing about Tough Mudder - I think I'd have to do something a little cleaner.  I'm not a fan of THAT much mud.

I am signed up for Peachtree again and my 10 year old will be running it with me.  This will be her first 10k - she has run 3 5k's previously.  I've only gotten her to run one training run with me so far - but that was 3+ miles and she did well.  She is in softball currently so it's a little tough to get her to go out with me - though I do keep asking anytime we have extra time at night or on the weekends.  It helps me as well to get myself out there.

I ran the other 5ks with her but didn't really notice it then - but she has a similar running style to my own.  She will go out fast and then tire out really quick.  I notice I have a tough time keeping a nice steady pace so I tried to get her to do that with me.  Though I am definitely not the authority on good running at all.  

So this past few months have been hard.  I have a goal to get another 1k miles this year (last year I topped out around 1500 - which I will not reach this time) so I need to get myself in gear if I wanted to make that.  I had wanted to run more shorter races this year but so far have not signed up for anything new. I'm finally getting back into the groove of things and the last two weeks have gotten in more miles.  I really hope it continues.

On another note we got a new puppy - he isn't much of a runner yet.  When we first got him, he would barely walk on his leash.  He's not much better now - he tends to stick really close to Mollee on our walks so I don't think I'll be taking him out for any runs like I do with Mollee.  He's a lab/beagle mix (his name is Mooch Monster).  It's funny that both he and Mollee have similar coloring - he kind of looks like a mini version of Mollee right now.

(Was going to say something about Boston but not much to say that hasn't been said by others - just a scary thing.  Peachtree has a ton of racers - and since I'll be with my daughter - it kind of freaks me out - we'll see how things go.  Just hope they are able to figure out who did it.)