Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting ready for Goofy

My Goofy training started in August.  I had been running steadily all year so the first part of training was actually less miles than I was used to.  I continued at my current mileage and the training plan increased weekly.

I had just come off a PR at Peachtree and had a couple other 5ks on the schedule for September.  I had thought of signing up for the 13.1 again but other things on my schedule prevented it.

I was worried about fitting everything in as both daughters were in sports each weekend.  Lex had cheerleading and Lana was in Softball.  So games on Saturdays, including practices during the week.  My LRs were set for Saturdays with a follow-up run on Sundays.  Luckily my very long runs were scheduled after SB and cheerleading finished.  

The first half of training wasn't bad.  During my marathon training the previous year, I had a long run on Saturday and a recovery on Sunday (which I never did..).  This time around my Sunday runs were not recovery and I felt one of the more important things for me to do.  So I made sure to get both runs in and my weekly runs weren't bad at all.  

This time around my "long" run was 22.  A high point of my training was getting my 20 and 10 done.  I was very worried about this weekend as I felt it  was the closest I would get to what I might feel at Goofy.  Granted the mileage was in reverse but I felt really good doing the 10 and this was very encouraging.  My 22 was hard as it was one of the coldest days I had run and I had to really mentally play games with myself to finish it.  

Now Goofy is less than a week away.  My training runs have mostly been pretty cold and I've been wearing a running jacket and it holds my Ipod and anything else.  I've been carrying Cuties to eat - as I don't carry any water with me.  

When I checked the weather in Orlando, the high/lows are 79/61 so I'll be dealing with much warmer weather.  I'm less worried about the half as I don't need to carry as much with me.  During the full I'll probably only carry my beans and Ipod so I may be able to forego the jacket.

I've become extremely nervous but I feel like once I finally get started, I'll feel better.  My training calls for another 4 and a 2 which I'll get in at the gym and that's all the running I'll do until Saturday morning.  

The countdown begins....

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